About Us

 The Ultimate Coffee Team, August 2022

When COVID hit, we missed playing Ultimate and realized how much the sport meant to us. We founded Ultimate Coffee to keep the sport we love in our lives and let it reach as many people as possible. We do this by selling and delivering coffee and donating our profits straight to the DiscNW Youth Development Fund. Our hope that this program is able to support DiscNW in the same way that DiscNW has supported us.

Meet Our Team

Chloe Hakimi

Program Director

Chloe is another one of the newest coordinators. She is our current assistant director and is learning for when she will take the role when Dora graduates. She is a very funny person and always finds a way to make people laugh. She hopes to help ultimate coffee by spreading the program farther north and becoming a future leader

Dora McCotter-Hulett


Dora is an unstoppable force when it inspiring customers and roasters to support DiscNW through Ultimate Coffee. Since day one, she has worked to grow the organization with cofounders Bison and Nobi. Dora is working to transition leadership to some of our younger volunteers. 

Bison McCotter-Hulett

Demolitions Expert

Bison's energy and enthusiasm for our mission are unmatched. He is constantly coming up with clever ideas for expansion or events when that isn't even part of his job. His passion for the Ultimate Coffee community is reflected in his blog posts where he gets to share about our volunteers and why they do what they do. 

Calvin Dodge

Event Coordinator

Calvin's boundless optimism, enthusiasm and smile are contagious. He is always willing to pick up slack and support our team members. Calvin organizes all of Ultimate Coffee's awesome team-building events. If you live in Seattle's North End, keep an eye out for Calvin sneaking onto your porch to squirrel away your order.

Fino Li

Technology Coordinator

Fino is our spreadsheets and technology coordinator and is always a pleasure to be around. He is always excited to solve a problem and never stops until it is fixed. In addition to frisbee, Fino loves to build robots and sail.

Vivian Hakimi

Assistant Event Coordinator

Vivian is our future event coordinator and is quickly learning how to make volunteers happy and how to plan a successful event. Now she makes a lot of the decisions regarding our events and we can't wait to see her find new ways to intrigue our volunteers. She may also bring some coffee by so make sure to keep an eye out for her.

Olivia Kwan

Social Media Coordinator

Olivia is our social media coordinator. She is always timely with her posts and finds a way to get more likes than ever before! She plays for Ingraham but will most often be seen in the Roosevelt area.


Mason Stone


Mason is one of our newest volunteers. He likes getting skies on the field but helping Ultimate Coffee shoot for the stars off the field and will not stop until we reach them.

Vincent Nguyen


Vincent is a great player willing to make plays on the field but he is also very motivated and willing to do what it takes to help Ultimate Coffee grow. He has given out more flyers than anyone else and has been a part of our team since day one.

Emma Hogan


Emma is a team player, always happy to help others where they need it and step in to fill in a position that, whatever team she is on, needs to be filled. She is outgoing and enthusiastic and always has fun music on. Emma has been a volunteer for Ultimate Coffee for just over a year and a half. If you see her with your coffee, say hi!