Meet Vincent Nguyen

Vincent is a great player willing to make plays on the field but he is also very motivated and willing to do what it takes to help Ultimate Coffee grow. He has given out more flyers than anyone else and has been a part of our team since day one.

We talked to Vincent about Ultimate Coffee in a brief interview...

What's your favorite part of volunteering for Ultimate Coffee?

My favorite thing about volunteering has to be the volunteer gatherings and celebrations. Super cool to see how the program has grown from the beginning until now when there were about 6-7 of us and now over 20 of us.

Where do you deliver to?

I deliver to the 98118 area.

What's your coffee order at a café?


My ideal coffee order is definitely a cappuccino or a delicious nitro cold brew.

And lastly what's your favorite thing about ultimate?

I play ultimate because I love the rush every time I put my cleats on and get on the field. Each time has always been a different experience and it doesn’t matter if it’s a tourney, practice or pickup.