Meet Emma Hogan

Emma is a team player, always happy to help others where they need it and step in to fill in a position that needs to be filled. She is outgoing and enthusiastic and always has fun music on. Emma has been a volunteer for Ultimate Coffee for just over a year and a half. If you see her with your coffee, say hi!  

We talked with Emma in a brief interview...

What's your favorite part of volunteering for Ultimate Coffee?

I love blasting music while driving to deliver my coffee.

Where do you deliver to?

I deliver to the Roosevelt maple leaf area

What's your coffee order at a café?

I love mochas and I always get it hot so I can judge the latte art

And lastly what's your favorite thing about ultimate?

I love ultimate because of the close-knit community, I have made friends around the US through the sport and have grown with so many players in the Seattle area.