Meet Craig, Our Wonderful Supporter and Lighthouse Manager

Craig is the manager at Lighthouse Roasters in Fremont and has been an essential part of our team since day one. He helped us get rolling with his generous coffee donations and has never stopped supporting us no matter what changes we decide to make. Please stop by sometime to get some of the best coffee in town! Thanks Craig and Lighthouse!!!


I was able to ask Craig some questions about himself and Lighthouse in a brief interview.

What is Lighthouse's mission?
The mission for Lighthouse Roasters is twofold, first to provide a quality product which is coffee to our local community and second to provide a service to our local community and neighbors as a gathering place and center for our customers. 

What is your vision for where Lighthouse will go in the coming year?
Lighthouse will continue to roast delicious coffee and to be a beacon for the community for years to come.  

How long have you been roasting coffee and how did you become a part of Lighthouse?
Lighthouse has been roasting coffee in Seattle for 30 years this year.  I am actually not the roaster, but the Vice President, so I run all the day-to-day operations of the business as well as all the back-end operations that need to happen to keep a small business running smoothly.  Ed Leebrick/Owner was an old friend from high school and after a career in construction I wanted to change things up a bit so I moved from Park City Utah back to the Seattle area where Ed let me jump right into the business.  

How did you get into the coffee business?
Ed Leebrick/Owner was brought into coffee 35 years ago when he worked for Caravali Coffee which at that time was a trademark of Starbucks.  After some amount of time there and learning how to roast coffee he decided that he wanted to be self-employed and then purchased Lighthouse Roasters which was in a tiny space on Sandpoint way.  The business was moved two years later to our current location and we have been going strong ever since.