Meet Chloe Hakimi

Chloe is another one of the newest coordinators. She is our current assistant director and is learning for when she will take the role when Dora graduates. She is a very funny person and always finds a way to make people laugh. She hopes to help ultimate coffee by spreading the program farther north and becoming a future leader. 

I spoke with Chloe in an interview and this is what we learned...

What's your favorite part of volunteering for Ultimate Coffee?

My favorite thing about volunteering for ultimate coffee is that I get to help out our community as well as support youth ultimate!

Where do you deliver to?

I deliver to View Ridge, Hawthorn Hills, Wedgwood, and Bryant.

What's your coffee order at a café?

My order at a café would be hot chocolate!

And lastly what's your favorite thing about ultimate?

I love ultimate because it is a unique sport that values everyone. Especially in Seattle, it gives youth like me a community and place to learn and grow!