Meet Bison McCotter-Hulett

Bison's energy and enthusiasm for our mission are unmatched. He is constantly coming up with clever ideas for expansion or events when that isn't even part of his job. His passion for the Ultimate Coffee community is reflected in his blog posts where he gets to share about our volunteers and why they do what they do. 

We caught up with Bison in a brief interview...

What's your favorite part of volunteering for Ultimate Coffee?

My favorite part of volunteering is delivering coffee because it gives me a sense of purpose and it makes me feel like I am helping the community one bag of coffee at a time. Plus, when I get to see a customer— even just say hi to them— it feels so good and fulfilling.

Where do you deliver to?

I deliver wherever we are short volunteers but you will see me mostly on Capitol Hill around the 98112 area.

What do you hope for with Ultimate Coffee in the coming year?

In the final months of this year, I hope that we can get up to 60 customers which would be a huge milestone for us. And this coming year I can see us getting all the way up to 100 which would be absolutely awesome and would increase our impact to DiscNW immensely.  

What did you envision when you started Ultimate Coffee with a couple of your friends?

Ultimate Coffee was one of the few good things that came out of the pandemic for me and it was created because Dora, Nobi, and I realized what a huge part of our lives frisbee had been. At that point, nothing was really going on in the youth ultimate scene. We already had a small-scale version of Ultimate Coffee just on Capitol Hill and at some point, it just clicked that we could expand and shift the profits to support DiscNW.

What's your order at a café?

I’m not a huge coffee fan myself, although I’ve heard Olympia Coffee and Lighthouse Roasters make some pretty awesome coffee. If I were at a coffee shop I would either get steamed milk— termed a "Little Fluffy" in Europe!— with vanilla syrup or a hot chocolate.

And lastly what's your favorite thing about ultimate?

I love ultimate because I feel like part of a community. Even though I started playing late, after many of my current friends had already met as teammates, they still included me and we have grown very close together. It is so inclusive and supportive. One can also play in very competitive settings, so it is perfect for everyone.